Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Found this little meme over at Living, Learning and Loving Simply and have 15 more minutes till I get ready for work so thought it'd be fun to play along...

If You Came to my House

You Would See: lots of books and magazines strewn all over the place, dustbunnies, dishes in the sink, morning glories that have wrapped themselves all over the front porch rail, toys, junk mail on the dining room table...

We Would Probably Feed You: fresh fruit and berries, something we grilled especially for you, iced tea, and ice cream for dessert - hope you like Moose Tracks!

We Would Undoubtedly Ask You If You Have Read: I would definitely ask if you have read Simple Abundance, something I've followed along with for years. ~C. would ask if you've read the lastest news, or maybe something about the Cowboys lol

We Would Play This Music For You: An ecclectic mix that I burned off yesterday: Regina Spektor, Chris Rice, Ben Harper...

We’d Want To Tell You The Latest About: ~C.'s quest for another job and my longing for another one LOL

We Would Probably Suggest A Game Of: Most definitely something on the Wii! My choice would be Rayman (evil grin)

We Might Show Off: Probably something out back, maybe where we want to plant the garden next spring...

We Might Get On The Computer And Show You: ~C. would show you his latest character on World of Warcraft and I would probably show you my latest blog post, although you've already seen that haven't you?

We Might Watch: Whatever the lastest movie is that we've rented

What Would A Visit To Your House Be Like???

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