Sunday, November 23, 2008

giving us everything we need...

Ever since I was a little girl it has been a dream of mine to travel to a far away place to do some kind of mission work. To work with young children in some way that made a difference.
Even when I was wild and carefree, something was always tugging at my heart, and whispering in my ear, reminding me of the dreams I had.
I remember my Dad's cousin and his wife showing us pictures from their mission trips, always somewhere far away in some remote place, both in and around Africa. The pictures were always so beautiful with bright vivid colors and smiling faces just as bright. And I have never forgotten those photographs.
Well, as life would have it, I became a mother and was busy doing all sorts of "mom" things, and then I remarried. And the thought of going off to a foreign country, leaving my daughter and husband behind, was a faraway dream that I had all but forgotten.

Until now...

For the past couple of years things have really been stirring in my heart as I was struggling to figure out exactly what it is that God has wanted me to do with my time here on earth. I worried that maybe He told me what to do and I either didn't hear him or had just plain ignored him, albeit unintentionally.
But let me just say that when He finally feels that you are ready to hear what He has to say, He will not let you ignore him, nor will you fail to hear! He has given us all everything that we need to complete our tasks here in life. He's given us certain talents and gifts that we are to use to do His work, He only needs us to be still and listen, and then he will reveal His plan for us.
My whole life He has been preparing me for what is about to come, a new journey of sorts. He has spoken to me and I have finally listened and I am ready to do the work that has been assigned to me. I don't know exactly how it will all play out, but I do know that big things are coming!
For the past few months everything has been pointing me in the direction of mission work. It weighs heavy on my mind and in my heart as I begin to prepare for this new adventure. I'm excited and nervous and honestly scared to death! I don't have a clue what I'm doing, but one thing I do have is faith, and the bottom line is - that's all we really need.

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Growin' with it! said...

hey tiffany,
ahh missions. it is incredibly life changing and to be selfishly honest...i wish i was raising my kids on the missions field. it is an incredible world....any place than here in the states and being used by God to serve others in that aspect is certainly amazing!

i look forward to hearing more about this journey you are on and where He will use you and your sweet willing heart!

btw....*when He finally feels that you are ready to hear what He has to say, He will not let you ignore him, nor will you fail to hear!* that statement meant more to me than you may know. wowza. thank you!

beeeeeeeee said...

Some of us are called to go and others of us are called to support.

Right now I'm OK with being the one to "support" though I hope I will be able to "go" someday also.

I'm praying for you as you learn more about your "go". And I'm ready to "support" when God give gives the word.

Whoo hoo - how exciting!!!!

Nan said...

I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as this new chapter in your life comes alive.

From A Creative Heart said...

Tiff...I just love ya gal, and I am so excited to see where you are headed!!!
Know that anyway I can support, I am here for you!!

binks said...

My cousin is a missionary in Hong Kong and loves it there. A friend travels to Haiti on a regular basis for a childrens ministry and she loves it. I am sure it will be a life changing experience and all will be fine.
We will all be waiting to hear all about it.

Tiff said...

Okay, simply put, you girls ROCK! thanks for the awesome support!!!

Ellen said...

Wow! Tiff! This is big. I look forward to hearing from you as you move along this path. Sometimes you just have to trust and follow your heart.

Mama2hre said...

How great! I've thought about taking our family (once the kids are older) on one of our church's 2 week mission trips. I know it would be a life changing time. Please keep us posted. I will be praying for you!

Tiff said...

Will definitely keep everyone posted, thanks again for all the support and encouragement!

Jennifer said...

I am so very excited to see where you are headed and I am praying for you. :) Keep us updated.

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