Saturday, November 1, 2008

i won, i really won! and THOSE people...

As you all know, the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival is going on. I think a lot of the contests are just about over, but believe me, there are still enough up to drive your poor little eyeballs crazy by the time you're done entering each giveaway that's still available! lol
Anyway, I entered one for a handbeaded bookmark from Capturing Today. I love handmade beadwork and I love bookmarks and I love reading, so if I was going to win any of the giveaways, I'm glad it was this one. She's even letting me pick the colors of the beads and what charms I want, so I picked deep red and black, and asked for a cross on one end and the letter T. on the other. Can't wait till it gets here, will definitely post pictures!
And speaking of other things I can't wait for.... I'm sooooo ready for this election to be over with.
I need to let everyone and their mother and their mother's little doggy know that no matter who I decide to vote for, I still love Jesus just the same, okay? okay.
I have had people go so far as to tell me that if I vote for one party or the other that I am betraying God, um, WHAT? I'm sorry, but that is NOT the way to get me to go on over to the other side. And if they think that I'm going to hell for choosing someone that they don't agree with, then "they" and I should probably just not talk to each other at all. My God is a loving God. He knows my heart and He knows that what I want is for the best person for ALL of us be elected into office. And for those people who think that cramming slanderous emails, letters, advertisements, etc... down my throat is the way to get me to listen to their views, think again. All it does is make me want to walk away and cry. I am always happy to hear what someone else has to say if they approach me with facts and educated views, not ignorance and judgement. Trust me to make my own decisions, give me the information you want me to know and please just leave it at that.
Because the bottom line is this: No matter who wins, we are all in this together and we'd better start learning to come together in these hard times before things get messier than they already are.
(stepping down off of soapbox now...)

4 people had this to say:

From A Creative Heart said...

I wondered where my soapbox went.....LOL

(Still pouting about the win

Rhea said...

I'm so glad you won! A hand-beaded bookmark sounds wonderful! Congrats!

beeeeeeeee said...

Congrats on winning!

And, can I copy your post on my post? I couldn't have said it better.

Tiff said...

Well, tomorrow it will finally all be over with, thank goodness!!

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