Sunday, November 30, 2008

in the spirit of giving : handmade...

Shannon, over at rocks in my dryer, has the best post this morning about Etsy! I don't know about you but I love me some Etsy goodness!!! So in the spirit of giving all things handmade this season, hop on over to rocks in my dryer and check out all the linky-love. You're bound to find a few favorite shops that you didn't know about before, and while you're there, if you've got a shop of your own, be sure to post it so we can all get in on your handmade goods, afterall, it's all about spreading the word around here, right?

Hoping that you're all having a terrific day! I've enjoyed my 4 day weekend and am soooo looking forward to my week-long vacation coming up in a week from now. No plans other than getting the Christmas tree and decorations up and sending out gifts and cards. Might even try out a few new recipes, but that will be the extent of any hardwork I might do for that entire week, afterall, I've got some blogs to catch up on! lol


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georgie said...

off to check out rocks in my dryer

Nan said...

I haven't read rock in my dryer in awhile, I used to read it but I like bloggers who will chat back and forth with me, it doesn't have to be very often or even alot said, but at least once in awhile, a little comment, and Rock, The country Dr.s wife and Pioneer women never ever once ever visited me and just said hi, so I gave up on them all... and I left them plenty of comments over the months I read them, but I know the popular sights can't expect to answer every comment. Oh, I still read and enjoy their blogs once in awhile to get caught up a bit here and there but not faithfully like I used to.

Why am I telling you this? LOL anyway, I used to have stuff on etsy but never sold anything and took it all down and thought I'd wait till closer to Christmas and re-list it but I never did and then gave or sold most of it away already and didn't make more for the store so... I guess I will have to aim for NEXT year! Good luck shopping there, you can really find some COOL stuff and it's nice to support the "artists" who make hand made when you can!

whitey said...

They are saying the craft stores are doing big this year I think everyone is trying to make a few gifts instead of buying. All our little stores that had handmade goods have fanished.

binks said...

I don't have time to read all my regulars,so I am going to pass on the rocks.
I like Nans way of thinking though, I may go check her out instead. ;)

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