Thursday, February 26, 2009

a glimpse into this old home...

In my last post I listed 5 things that I love, one of them being my 100+ year old home. We moved into this house almost 4 years ago and really haven't done anything at all to it except the bathroom project, which I won't go into (because it's remained half way done for 3 years now). Oh, and I started painting the kitchen cabinets, which I STILL haven't finished, but vow to do this weekend, and you can hold me to that.
Anyway, Linda from Growin' With It asked me to post some pictures of the house, I told her I would that day, and then completely forgot, sorry about that Linda!
The title on this home lists it as being built in 1900, but we were told that there's a real possibility it's even older than that. The title people, or whoever it is that does that sort of thing, will sometimes list an old house as 1900 if they don't know the exact year that it was built... I've tried to trace the property all the way back, and so far I'm able to trace back to 1870, but I'm not sure if the house was actually here at that time, or if it was just the land ownership that I was looking at.
One thing that I love is that ours is one of the original homes in this neighborhood, there's a lot of history in this little city, it's nice to know we're living in part of that history. I would love to see pictures and a blueprint of it, the way it was back in the beginning, would be interesting to see what the layout was back then!
So, without further adieu, here is our humble little home.... Someday we will win the lottery and it will be nice to have these to look back on and remember how things used to be... lol
Note: these photos were taken the day after we moved in, most of the furniture has been changed and things have all been put away...
Front Porch

Side view. There's no fireplace, that smokestack goes down into the basement boiler.

Living Room
we now have a honkin' big tv with no rabbit ears lol
hardwood floors are all original

Another of the living room, still have the big old dog, but a different sofa.

See the wallpaper? I swear it's as old as the house! This is the room I'm working on now.
This is the back room, which is now my office/craft room. No more sports border. I love the window that looks out onto the backyard.

Side area that leads from the back patio to the front yard. There is now a permanent indentation in the ground where the dogs always lay, rain or shine lol

The backyard that extends to the street behind us.

The back patio, a favorite place to spend time with friends and family in the warmer months!
Back view of the garage and house, as well as the storage shed and clothesline...
So there you have it, a little glimpse into our lives and the place we call home! Nothing fancy, but it's ours and we love it!

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Rebecca Jo said...

How cute... I LOVE your hard wood floors!!! its always fun to see more about our bloggy buddies!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

It's so quaint! I love it! My dream is to get one of those plantation houses and renovate will never happen, but it's a good dream right?

whitey said...

As my FIL stated the only thing that works in an old home is the owner! They do have lots of up keep but when done they are priceless.

Growin' with it! said...

i've been sitting here at the computer waiting...naw j/k!! oh how i love this post. it is always fun getting a better glimpse into someone else's world. words do a lot, but are awesome. that porch is simply AWESOME. loved it. and i can easily see a spot in that backyard to get comfie in. the hardwood floors? gorgeous! all in was sweet of you to post these.

we lived in a 1920's parsonage when we were first married. we have a picture of it years ago, and it's so cool. hope you can dig up more. it means so much to live in a place w/ such history!

Erin said...

Hey there Tiff,
Lovely home and it seems to have a lot of light. Your house does not seem to look old to me. Probably would figure it out by the lack of closet spaces etc.

Thanks for sharing. E

annh said...

Thanks for sharing with us, love the hardwood floors, and it is so much fun working with the older homes, ours in a oldie goes back to the early 70's..

binks said...

What a great house and a huge back yard! I'll bet the g-kids had a blast when they were living there! Gotta post some pix of the kitchen when those cabinets are all painted!

Brenda Susan said...

Love your home so much! Makes me miss our oldie back in my old hometown. So much personality in the older dwellings! Enjoy & thanks for sharing!

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