Thursday, March 6, 2008

Phase I

I think that we must surely have the ugliest kitchen on the planet. When we moved into our 100+ year old home we got busy right away with tearing down the old patterned wallpaper, with big dreams of some kind of funky Mexican Fiesta theme to take it's place. Well... You can see by the picture how far we got with it! Time got away from us and we got busy, and distracted, and lazy, and well, it just never got finished, so we've been avoiding this room as much as possible, instead of just diving in and getting it done. we do that with everything... Or should I say, I do that with everything and C. follows suit...
So now we've decided that it's "time", three years is way too long to live with colonial blue EVERYTHING in the room that is supposed to be the heart of the home! And as far as that Mexican Fiesta theme, well, we've come to our senses on that too. C. says that red walls would give him a headache, so we'll go with that, and not the fact that it would probably be a hideous mess by the time we were done.
Here are a couple of before photos:

Corner of the wall surrounding the doorway into the summer green and white hallway. It matches perfectly don't you think? LOL

Opposite corner, around the door leading to the laundry room. Please don't pay attention to the non-matching items on the wall, we were trying to figure out a theme to go with and just ended up leaving it there! lol As you can see we've started removing the cabinet doors to clean and sand before priming and painting. Too bad we STILL haven't decided on a color!

Yet another corner. The fridge is so big that it won't fit anywhere else in the room except over in front of one of the doors. I really hate this because in the spring I'd love to just be able to open that door up to air the house out. Our fridge and stove are both pretty much the same color, and because we can't really swing new ones right now, we will need to pick neutral colors that will match. Oh, and yes, just in case you were wondering, every single piece of paper on the fridge is important! LOL

So as you can see, we have a big job ahead of us to get this room into something even close to being casual and comfy! There's a house around the corner from ours that I pass every day, there's always a dim light on in the kitchen and being the curious person that I am, I can't help but look in that window as I'm driving by. I would LOVE to have that kitchen! She has herbs growing in the window, a stained glass lamp hanging from the ceiling, etc... It's soooooo me! I have half a mind to walk over sometime and ask to see the rest of her home, but she might think I'm some kind of neighborhood stalker or something, can't have that! Although C. thinks I'm pretty close to that because I'm always looking in windows when we're out driving around. I mean, I don't actually walk up to them or anything, but, I can't help taking a glance at the way other people live and decorate their homes, even if it is for just a sec or two as we're passing by! My reply is always that if they don't want people to know how they live their lives then why don't they close the curtains!

Till next time....

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