Sunday, April 20, 2008

Finish the sentence

Here I sit on a Sunday night, everything done that I'd planned on doing this weekend, so I have a bit of time on my hands before I hit the sack... Might as well fill the time with mindless bits of personal trivia, don't you think?
Got this little meme over at Sticky Feathers, needless to say I have absolutely no idea how I even got there, which we all knows happens in Blogland... a lot...

maybe i should quit spending so much time on unproductive activities.
i love the smell of french toast or cinnamon roll candles.
people would say that i’m a goofball.
i don’t understand why I have so much trouble following through with anything.
when i wake up in the morning I always hope that C. made coffee lol
i lost this cool little gadget that enables me to play my computer music on a regular FM radio.
life is full of trials and bumpy roads.
my past is also full of trials and bumpy roads.
i get annoyed when people don't use common sense. (big time)
parties are over-rated, unless they are small with intimate friends.
i wish i knew how to sew more than just a pillow or curtains.
dogs are the epitomy (sp?) of unconditional love
cats are fat and lazy, at least mine is lol
tomorrow is Monday, blech...
i have low tolerance for drunks.
i’m totally terrified of driving up/down narrow mountain passes.
i wonder why the war is still going on.
never in my life has life been more stable than it is now.
high school was something I never cared for.
when i’m nervous i start shaking and feel like my throat is closing up.
one time at a family gathering I drank real moonshine.
take my advice: the grass isn't greener on the other side so don't waste your time.
making my bed is something I should do more often.
i'm almost always thinking about what else I should be doing.
i’m addicted to pistachios.
i want someone to give me a new job! lol

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