Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Little Brother = Genius

Wow, can I just brag for a bit? My little brother just happens to be the smartest guy in the whole world, in my humble opinion. And it's not just that my vote's a little swayed because he's my brother, the facts are actually there to support it! :o) Apparently Duke University has had their eye on him for a while now and have been tracking his progress, testing him recently to see how ready he is for college and he's not even in high school yet!

Here's a bit of the message that my Dad sent a couple days ago, I can't help but share!

~"Anyway, you are probably aware that the state competition is composed of bright kids from all over, lots of them, some of whom come from homes that really take the studies seriously. Well, guess what? He came in 9th for the whole state of Texas!!!!!!! We are excited and very proud, of course! When he called to let us know how he scored we could hear all the Valley kids screaming and cheering for him in the background! He is getting to be famous down here! There were THOUSANDS of kids in the competition!"

This is not an unusual occurrence for him, he's always winning some kind of competition or award, it's beyond me where they find room for all of the awards! lol

Let me just say that I don't think I've ever been more proud of someone, ever! But also let me say, I would be just as proud of him if he'd never won a competition or award... ever.... I'm proud of him for his determination and motivation to be the very best kiddo he can be. For the fact that he realizes how important it is to go after what you want with all that you have. And just simply because he's my little brother....

Thanks for letting me brag!

On to something totally unrelated and unimportant. Have any of you seen No Country for Old Men? Um, can someone please tell me what happened to the ending, because I totally don't get it. People are talking Academy award, but maybe the writers should finish the script first??? Once again, just my opinion (seems I'm full of them today)

A big thanks to the creator of Play Wit Me Nana for mentioning my "situation" on her blog, I'm feelin' kinda famous right now! :o)

Till next time...

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davidandcaren said...

Our little brother is truly bound for greatness. I couldn't be more proud of him and also like you not for the trophies but for realizing so early on that he can reach for what he wants and work hard to get it. Dad and Laura are truly doing an incredible job.

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