Wednesday, May 28, 2008

art star craft bazaar

Okay, I can't even tell you how excited I am about this!
Definitely have plans to attend this weekend, possibly meeting up with my cousin Laura, whom I haven't seen since Kinship Weekend in 2006, should be a blast!
The 2008 Art Star Craft Bazaar
Who: 150 artists & live music by Falkonr and others bands TBA
What: Affordable, unique, and high quality art and crafts. Free and open to the public.
When: Saturday, May 31st from 11-7pm & Sunday, June 1st from 11-5pm
Where: Penn's Landing Great Plaza - on Columbus Boulevard between Walnut Street and Market Street (click here for directions)
Saturday Music Line-up: Holly Billaday, Joshua Marcus, Padre Pio, Toy Soldiers, The Neighborhood Choir, The Mural & The Mint
Sunday Music Line-up: Rocco of The Elevator Parade, Jay & Jeff of Like a Fox, The New Motels, Emily Bate, Falkonr

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Connie said...

You didn't have a spot to comment after your 'collector of idea's' post. I enjoyed reading it. I'm not one for clipping magazine ideas, but when it comes to writing and reading books, I have lists and collections that keep growing. Thanks for the inspiration to keep on learning and enjoying life.

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