Tuesday, May 20, 2008

mother nature

Okay, did Old Man Winter and Mother nature have a fight or something? I don't get it, todays high is only 56, right now it's in the mid 30's, I have put my winter clothes away and pulled them back out so many times I lost count! I want warm weather!
I guess my question of the day would be, is what we've had for the past year or two going to be the "new weather"? You used to be able to pretty much count on certain times of the year being at least close to certain temps, but now it's all gone screwy, is it going to be this way forever or are we just going through some weird phase?
And am I the only one that isn't real easy to get along with when cold weather has lasted from October into MAY!? That's 7 months people, S-E-V-E-N LOOOOOONG MONTHS of this cold crap, sniff sniff, I think I want to go back home...

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Connie said...


I tried to leave a comment this morning, but pressed the wrong button after I was all done. It was about the weather. We live in the desert and today it was like being in Chicago, cozy and cool. We get so much sun, I appreciate a cloudy sky. I got the music player on my site today, thanks to you. I love music choices. HOpe you get some sunshine soon

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