Sunday, July 20, 2008

ch... ch... changes...

So I've been doing a lot of thinking about living a more simple life and what all that entails. I have romantic notions of living out in the country somewhere, being self-sufficient in every way, from growing my own food to raising my own animals, etc... That is probably never going to happen, but it doesn't mean I can't start making small changes around here to live more simply and rid my household and life of waste and excessive use.
Here are 10 steps that I have commited myself to taking, and sticking with. Everyone that knows me, knows that I am the most non-commital person on the planet, but I finally realized the reason I never commit and it's because I'm afraid of failure and that if I don't think I'm going to be able to do something perfectly, then I don't want to do it at all. I'm so over that now! I mean, what is life if we don't take the chance of failing, right? And how can I possibly fail when it comes to living a more simple life...

1. Hanging ALL of my clothes out to dry on the line. I went out and purchased brand spankin new clothespins just for the occasion and will be picking up an extra line after church today. I thought we used to have two lines out back but hubby says there has always just been one. Hmmmm... I hung 3 loads out yesterday for a trial run, I was a little worried about them being scratchy and stiff, but after using my absolute favorite fabric softener in the wash they were sooo soft when I took them down. I can't say enough about Sun and Earth products, environmentally safe for all, not tested on animals, totally vegan... please check out the website and have a look-see for yourself! (whew, that was a long one, are you still here? lol)

2. Wash and rinse all clothes in cold water.

3. Either make all gifts or buy completely handmade from local sources or

4. Going back to school in August will be almost completely online, thus saving tons of gas as well as wear and tear on my car and the environment. Speaking of which, we have only TWO MORE PAYMENTS on my car, woohoo! I will drive this one till it can't be driven anymore, hoping not to have another car payment for a long long time, and when I do it will be Hybrid all the way.

5. Buying all of my fruits, vegetables and meats from local farmer's markets.

6. Researching and preparing for a vegetable garden next spring. I have begun the research and by choosing next spring as target date for planting, it gives me plenty of time to prepare a plot.

7. Taking my lunch to work every single day, no exceptions.

8. Always turning off the water while brushing my teeth, only turning it back on to rinse quickly.

9. Not renewing any of my magazine subscriptions when they run out, most of them can be read online now.

10. Never ever ever.... shopping Wally World again. I mean it this time.

Okay, I know these are only small steps, and there are other things I have either been or started doing to save or live more simply, but 10 is enough to actually commit to and post here.
What about you? Are there steps that you and your family have taken to living just a little greener, if not a whole lot greener? If so I would love to hear about them and I bet my other readers would too!

Well, off to church... Haven't been in far too long, today's message is about caring for your soul, sounds like a good one. And afterward, they are having a festival kinda thing with cake walks, no-talent shows, bingo, etc... I can't wait!

Everyone have a wonderful day, do something to make yourself or someone else happy...

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The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

You go, girl!

Those are some biggies! I absolutely loathe WalMart, so that one wouldn't be so hard.

The other ones are great, especially buying locally and the garden.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a guest post about that same thing last week on
We are really trying around the Pond house- I just got my 2nd recycling bucket to use!
I agree, it would be nice to live in the country with a garden and animals-but that will never happen for us- Unless I win the lottery so I can build a farmhouse! Cause I got lot's o'payments left on the Pondhouse! Thanks for reading- come back soon-
Oh yeah, you miss the heat in the south???? it's hot as a firecracker out there now!

Connie said...

I always like reading about ways to live a simpler life. Sometimes I am able to implement a few. I've given up ironing. I smooth the stuff right out of the dryer.

It was just today when I found myself thinking about how my priorities must rule. Living simply helps to make that happen easier. Thnx for you thoughts.

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