Monday, July 7, 2008

it's official

One year ago today I quit smoking....
Let me just say that it has NOT been easy, if it was, I think most everyone would quit. They say that quitting smoking is harder than quitting a heroine addiction, I wouldn't know, personally, but I believe it.
When I was younger, I witnessed my grandmother Fay, ill with emphysema, struggle just to breathe and it had, and still does have, a huge impact on me, especially since she was always just about my favorite person on the planet. Yet I continued to light up, day in and day out, the addiction is just that strong...
But now, after 31 years, I can finally say that I am smoke free, and will remain smoke free for the rest of my life! I can do this because I want to do this, not just because everyone tells me it's the right thing to do!

Which leads me on to something else, which is also the right thing to do LOL. We are fixin' to start packing up the car for our 3 day camping trip!!!! Shhh... don't tell ~C., but I'm really hoping we get phone reception up there so that I don't miss out on my blogging addiction lol. I highly doubt it though *sigh*. And of course, the weather is calling for scattered thunder showers, can I get a break please?
Isn't this a great picture?! Someone sent it to me the other day, not sure where it comes from...
It will be so nice just to spend time doing nothing except fishing, hiking, taking pictures, etc... and I didn't forget the Pass the Pigs game for evenings. Does anyone remember that game? I found it hidden away in a drawer the other day, the box still intact after all these years! I think I bought it when Nicole was about 7 years old.
Well, I guess I'd better get outta here before ~C. comes looking for me, which actually might happen if he wasn't sitting in his office playing World of Warcraft right now, HA!

Everyone have a great week, do something fun to make yourself happy!

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Nan said...

Congratulations on your smoke free anniversary! I'm happy for you.

Have a great time on your trip, stay safe!

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