Thursday, September 11, 2008

addictions and such...

Alas, I have discovered Google Reader.. Why didn't y'all tell me about this awesomeness before now, holy cow, I'm completely addicted! It's so great to have one place to go to read all of the updates on my favorite blogs. I still love to visit most of them one by one, but this makes everything so simple!
Downfall is that I've been spending so much time there that I haven't been posting much of anything here, sorry about that! I promise to try and do better to get the creative juices flowing again.
And now on a more serious note, all of you in the South continue to be in my prayers as you prepare once AGAIN for another hurricane, Ike, and whatever the next storms will be named. I really don't get mother nature sometimes, it's almost like she's teasing everyone before she comes in with a vengeance. I truly hope that's not the case here...
Wow, work has been a tough one this week... I was beat by Tuesday afternoon, yikes! How is it that the weeks are so long, hard to know how you'll make it to Friday when you feel like you can't go on one more second with the stress by Tuesday. And then you have the weekends that pass by in a flash and you hardly even had the chance to feel rested, if you even get to feel that way at all. Listen, somebody has got to do something about this! Who all's for a shorter work week or work day?
Which brings me to a close now because I've got to head out of here or I'll be late, which we can NOT have. I think I've been late to something a total of three times in my life, it completely freaks me out...

Have a great day y'all! I'll try to catch up more later if I don't just crawl in bed with Netflix the second I get home and throw my shoes off!!!! I've got two great movies and the greatest comforter in the world calling my name.

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