Friday, September 26, 2008

windows and doors...

Well, I knew it would happen, just didn't know when or how... When a door is closed a window always opens and that's exactly what happened here this past week.
As you all know, ~C. lost his job a couple weeks ago... what some of you don't know is that I got completely freaked out because I felt that he was putting all of his eggs into one basket by not searching for every...single...job... available in our area. He interviewed for this one paticular job a while back, and when he got laid off he called the guy who interviewed him to see if there was still an opening. The guy was happy to hear from him, saying that he'd like to hire him because the guy he'd hired wasn't really working out, but needed to talk to his supervisor to get the okay.
Days went by and there was a little bit of contact but not a definite "your hired", and control freak wife got antsy about how we were going to pay the bills when they came around next, instead of trusting that things would work out just fine, even though I knew full well that God was in control. I felt that ~C. should have been out pounding the pavement instead of telling me to please trust him, that there was a method to his madness and that if he didn't hear from this guy by a certain date then he would come up with plan B! lol
Well, turns out he was right, because yesterday was his first day at the new job!
Thus starts this new chapter in his life, working at Moravian College. A place with structure and security, not to mention benefits and a future! (and it doesn't hurt that it's only a 3 minute walk from our house either).
I'm so proud and excited for him, and for this opportunity to grow and learn in a field that he really seems to love!
Thank you all so much for your prayers regarding this situation, they really mean the world to us...
And I can't leave this post without saying how lucky I am to be married to him. In hind-sight, it's plain to see that we balance each other out, although it never feels that way in the midst of things. When I'm totally freaking out about things that I don't have any control over, he remains calm and easy going, trusting that things will work themselves out for the best. And even though it drives me nuts at the time, in the end it's part of the reason I love him so much. lol
Thanks for being my rock Honey, you're the best! And way to go on the new job, you're gonna do great there, they are so lucky to have you!


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From A Creative Heart said...

Oh Tiff.....that hindsight thing is always so much clearer!!! LOL
So happy that things have worked out so beautifully.....
Hugs to you!!

Nan said...
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Nan said...

OK, let me try that again, I left out a couple of key words, getting ahead of myself.

Good news for sure! Great post, makes me reflect on the balance of my own marriage and how happy I am that I have the man I do. ["I do!" get it? I do, and I still do!!!]

whitey said...

Tiff glad to hear the good news, that would of rocked my world a litte.

Ky said...

I am SO happy for you and C~!
You are beginning to write the first pages of your happily ever after :-)

Tracy said...

My prayer for myself has been to trust God in all things. It's such a struggle. I, too, tend to freak out when a storm comes...especially the smaller ones. My husband has had 3 job changes in 3 years and it has been tough. But like C, my husband has been calm and trusting. He is such a wonderful balance to "freaked-out" little me. I'll add you to my "trust" prayer!

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