Monday, November 10, 2008

you go girlfriends!

Okay, looks like we have our winners for the Pay It Forward contest. Really, when you think about it, everyone who pays it forward is a winner, don't you think?
1. Debbie over at From a Creative Heart
2. Linda from Growin' With It
3. Gail from At The Farm
Congratulations Girls!!!
Debbie I've already got your address, so Gail and Linda I need you to email me at tiffanycross(at)rcn(dot)com with your snail mail addy so I can send out your prize! And don't forget, when you receive you prize to post your own "pay it forward" contest on your blog, and thanks so much for playing along!
And now for just a little more contest news. I'm sorry, I know you're all probably getting bored with hearing about all the great prizes I've been winning over here. This has been the luckiest month ever for me and I just can't help but blog about it because I usually never win anything!! Just ask my co-worker Mary (Hi Mary!). She is always getting me scratch-offs and I never win a dime... We went to Atlantic City once and she felt so sorry for me because kept losing that she gave me part of her winnings....
Anyway, back to my good fortunes.
Aly, over at LipZip informed me that I won a book! And not just any book, mind you, THIS book:

I can't wait to start reading this one, all 720 pages of it!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway Aly!
Well, my coffee's all gone and I need to get ready for work or I'll be late, but I'll be back later with some kind of deep and meaningful post, I promise!
Till then, have a great day and try not to let the fact that it's Monday get you down...

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From A Creative Heart said...

YEAH!!! Thank you Tiff for having this fun giveaway.... I am a bit late in responding, but I am just catching up on my "online" stuff.
Thanks again!!!

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