Thursday, May 8, 2008

glory in the morning...

Two days ago Josh and I planted flowers in the front, he picked Morning Glories because he loved the picture on the front of the seed packet, blue is his favorite color... I was really happy that he picked them because I knew they would start to grow immediately and before long we would have an over abundance of gorgeous blooms every morning that he could see on his way out the door to the school bus and it would set a nice tone to his day.
After we planted the seeds, he and John decided to race back and forth repeatedly over in the side yard, John would yell "Set, Go..." and off they would go, and every time they would run back to me Josh would yell out something that he loved, once it was "this grass", next it was "this rock", and lastly was "I just love this whole place"!
My heart is happy...

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