Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Lots of excitement going on in Bethlehem this week as they film the action scenes for Transformers 2, about 2 miles from here down at the old Bethlehem Steel!
Last night, what seemed like the whole city, came out in droves to try and catch a glimpse of the filming, including us lol. I don't even care for Transformers but it was exciting to see the lights of the movie set, and you can still hear the helicopters flying about, this morning. Guess we'll have to go see this one next year when it comes out!
N. was a little disappointed that all we could see was the bright lights of the set and one helicopter taking off, she was hoping to see some actors or something, but you can't get close enough for anything like that. I think she was really hoping to see the lead actor ;)
And I must be getting old because all I could think about when I heard the helicopters this morning is that the pilots really must be tired after flying all night and I wonder how they keep from crashing into each other when they're so tired! lol
I wonder what the men who worked at Bethlehem Steel all those years ago would say if they knew what was going on?

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Connie said...

Those pilots might be taking turns sleeping up there.

I KNOW I am older because I get tired after a certain hour. With my new schedule I'm going to have to BE THERE at 6 AM. I've been reading blog posts that explain how to get up early.
Really enjoy your music, might have to transport it to my blog.

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