Sunday, June 8, 2008

sleeping in...

This morning I slept in until about 9:30 for the first time, that I can remember, in over 3 years. It was sooo nice! Must have been really tired because I didn't even hear/feel ~C. come to bed in the week hours of the morning, and I pretty much always wake up when he comes to bed. Needless to say it's been a nice, lazy Sunday morning for me, all I've done is sipped on coffee and spent time in Blogland... Blogger has a neat little add-on that will list your blogs, along with icons and titles of latest entries. After spending what seemed like forever putting all of my favorite reads in I came to the sad conclusion that I spend WAY too much time on the computer! Of course, this would come as no shock to everyone that knows me, I've always got my face in the screen, when it's not in a magazine/book, or staring down at some crochet project I'm probably ripping out... lol
Let me just say that I LOVE blogging and everything about it. I love writing in my own and reading other people's, and it never fails that when I am reading other people's they will, without fail, always have links to other interesting blogs, and so on and so forth. Before you know it you've spent hours just reading about other people's lives, neat ideas, etc...
~but at least I'm not alone in my obsession~
Today I got my daily Quit stats and when I opened it up it read that I have gone 11 months to the day without smoking. To some of you that know me it will come as a surprise that I ever smoked at all, I hid it well.
As of today:
My Quit Date is: Sunday, July 08, 2007 at 4:28:00 AM
Time Smoke-Free: 336 days, 1 hour, 18 minutes and 57 seconds
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 6721
Lifetime Saved: 1 month, 21 days, 8 hours
Money Saved: $1,680.00
Yeeeaaaay Me!
I think I might have mentioned before, or maybe not, that ~C. and I were planning on going to Atlantic City for 3 days to celebrate our 10th anniversary, but we have changed our minds and are going to Rickett's Glenn. I'm getting pretty excited about it and can't wait to start getting everything ready. Still need to buy a couple things like an air mattress and new flashlight, but for the most part we've pretty much already got everything.
If anyone has any neat camping tips, be sure to send them our way, we are definitely not expert campers and haven't camped in about 4 years, which is when we discovered that sleeping on solid ground and not an air mattress is not fun when you're over the age of 30.
This anniversary is a HUGELY significant milestone for us. I won't go into the ghory details but I will be working on writing up some kind of little something to ~C. soon, which I'll share with the world eventually.
Well, hoping you're all having a nice lazy Sunday too... Till next time...

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Shelle said...

Oh my gosh, CONGRATS on not smoking! That is such a BIG accomplishment!

Funny but I also slept in just yesterday for the first time in a LONG time!

Those old time looking refridgerators are SO cute...I also love classic timeless things!

Is that other blog of yours a photography blog? I love your pictures! If it's not you should think about photography :)

Channon said...

Congrats on the not smoking. I keep saying I'm going to quit and I never do. I should take this as some extra inspiration!

jenny said...

hey! a huge congrats to you for being smoke free for all that time! awesome!

also, you are not alone in your blog addiction. i found you since you found me - and look - i'm here reading away! :)

fun - going camping for your anniversary! our five year is coming up and we were thinking of what to do - we camp/fish all the time but maybe we could go somewhere new. if you need tips - let me know!

Connie said...


Happy 1oth Annversary and no cigs...very good.

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