Sunday, July 27, 2008

spiritual irony and getting God

Isn't it just amazing that every time you go to church, the message is one that pertains to whatever is going on in your life at that moment?
~C. and I had a really rough day yesterday, I won't go into the details but it has a LOT to do with stress and displaced anger. We rarely ever fight anymore, but when we do, it's always a doozie, leaving us spent and emotionally exhausted.
So this morning on my way to church I was praying really hard that God would grab hold of my heart, I needed His touch more than ever to remind me that He is still there, no matter how far I may wander, and of course, the minute service started we were singing just the right songs to remind me... and then the pastor started his sermon, and don't you know it was all about stress and the effects it can have on our lives! How it can cause problems with our health and our relationships, etc... he preached from one of my favorite passages in the whole Bible, Psalm 23.
Point well taken, God!
It's so funny, my sister-in-law always says we are going to church to "get God". I love it when she says that because she is just so right on the money.

And now on to a few simple things that I'm really thankful for today. I've had a few of these pictures in my camera just waiting to be uploaded, guess now is as good a time as any...

I am so thankful for our little home. It may need a few coats of paint here and there, but it makes me so happy to walk in the door after a long hard day and know that I am home...
These little beauties that greet me on the front porch as I leave for work each morning.
In this space, all that used to grow when we first moved in was Clematis, but when I just let it go this year, these were what popped up all over the place and I just love the look of it all, reminds me of a country garden.
Silly little boys who run around with shower caps on their heads! lol If you look at his face you can tell that little mr. bony macaroni here was bitten not just once but twice by a hornet right between his eyes yesterday and has swollen up pretty good. yikes! We were out back picking blackberries when he took off running toward the swing set, where appearantly there was a whole nest of them hiding underneath one of the swings, and before we could get to him ~ they already had.And last but not least, bony macaroni's brother Josh, who earlier in the day took a tumble down the stairs from the bedroom into the kitchen when he decided to play with the gate at the top. Another yikes! Geesh, what a day it was around here yesterday! Someday their mother will look back on this as just another day in the life of two little boys, but for now I think she's about to have a nervous breakdown! lol

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The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

I love it when God just lays it out for me. And it's always at the perfect time.

Also love the shower cap! He'll appreciate that pic when he's a teenager.

~T. said...

Actually, I'm thinking of saving the picture until his wedding day and handing it to his new wife, mwahahaha

Shelle said...

Your boys are SO cute...I felt so bad for the little one that got stung! Poor guy!

But I know exactly how you feel...I love going to church for that very reason...I love it when the lessons speak RIGHT to me...which is EVERY lesson because i have a lot to work on!

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