Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Does anyone else find it just a little ironic that when you pay for Burger King with a debit card, the money gets paid to some place called "TWOTON"? Seriously, it's even spelled out in all capitals like that on my bank statement....

So.... most of you know, from reading my profile, that I work in a domestic violence shelter. There's always something going through that place, some illness or funk, and today is no exception. But this time it's a triple whammy and I'm sitting here at 5:25 in the morning wondering when I'm going to win the lottery so I can quit my job, or at least build my own office, WITH a DOOR, so I have a place to run and hide sometimes. Because as it stands right now, my office just happens to be the whole front office and my desk is smack dab in the middle of EVERYTHING that happens in the place on a second by second basis....
This morning, bright and early, I have to meet the exterminator because the shelter either has fleas or bedbugs, which, in case you didn't know, is harder to get rid of than roaches. There's a case of ringworm of the scalp going around, as well as either lice or scabies. And to top it all of, everyone some kind of freaky stomach bug.
I know I have been praying for patience but gees....... when does a girl get a break around here? lol
And if that's not enough, I've been told that the executive director is coming to meet me to talk about some statistical stuff first thing this morning. Huh? This woman never goes to you, she forces YOU to go to HER when she has a question or needs to talk to you about something. And when I asked my supervisor if she knew what it was all about, she acted weirdly secretive about the whole thing, like she had something to say but couldn't or she'd get in trouble... I wonder if I'm getting fired or something, talk about something being ironic since today marks 6 years that I've been working there. Anyway, I'll update y'all later, for anyone who might be remotely interested! lol
Hoping you all have a blessed day.


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Anonymous said...

I hope your day goes well! Ugh - bedbugs and fleas? AND a stomach virus? Do you wear a mask to work every day?

Good luck with your ED... I hope it is something good that she has to tell you.


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I'm sending positive vibes your way...there is NO way you are getting fired!

Good luck with that...can't wait to hear what it was all about!

Very witty of Burger King by the way! :)

Erin said...

I work at a Section 8 housing company and bed bugs are going to drive us crazy and make us poor.

I hear your pain! It sounds like your job is a bit stressful. I hope things perk up for ya.

Erin said...

Hi Tiff,

Good to meet you.
I am glad to hear that you guys have lice vs. bed bugs. Big difference when it comes to getting rid of them.

I never knew I would know so much about bugs. My coworker brought me a vial containing a bed bug so I could have a complete understanding.

As for stress, yes I am stressed too. I try to remind myself to remember my sphere of influence and work the heck out of that. That way, I am not trying to move a mountain that cannot be moved and I am able to put energy toward that which I can effect.

Other than that, I try to find friends, take mini breaks and never take work home with me.

Hang in there. I sense a kindred spirit in you.

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