Tuesday, November 18, 2008

prayer request

Just a real quick prayer request for my grandson John. Tomorrow he will be going for his first appointment with an audiologist. To make a 4 1/2 year story short, John contracted meningitis right after he was born and ended up spending the first month of his life in Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. I can't say enough great things about that hospital or the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House, but that will be for another post, I promise.
Anyway, from the outside, John looks like any other 4 year old boy and is definitely our own little version of Dennis the Menace! He's rambunctious and inquisitive and a total whirlwind.. We love him fiercely and unconditionally, without a doubt. However, there is no denying that this beautiful little boy will have to deal with some heavy duty issues throughout his life. The ability to communicate being one of them, but in order to receive the services that he needs, such as speech therapy, he must first be given a diagnosis by the medical professionals.
It started with an MRI, where they found nothing out of the ordinary. So now they will move on to an audiologist and see if it's the way that he's hearing things around him that are causing him difficulty in the speech department. Or maybe his auditory perception...
So anyway, tomorrow will be the hearing tests and I would appreciate any and all prayers that y'all are willing to offer up. Please pray that he will be able to sit still long enough for them to get an accurate reading, because most of the time just getting him to sit still is an adventure all in itself. Please pray that the results will be enough to get him started with the services that he needs! We would really love a miracle, but the fact that he survived the Meningitis in the first place and is active and loving and beautiful is a HUGE miracle, so we'll take whatever God has in store for him tomorrow and pray for positive results!
Thanks everyone :o)
Oh, and as for my daily goals, I did really well but am just too tired to post them right now and need to get to bed... I'll pick back up with it tomorrow.
G'Nite all.

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Anonymous said...

We're praying for him and for the doctors. And for you too.

binks said...

That is one cute kid.
I'll be praying for you guys.

Growin' with it! said...

oh those beautiful eyes and adorable face...you bet i'll pray for him.

my oldest pulled ani's sock off when he was like 2 days old, he had a terrible fever, we had been up all night and then we saw his poor little feet were purple. panic and race to the emergency room we found out he had menigitis. but it was the "nicer" kind of the two? anyways, i sure feel your pain in this one. poor fella. i hate it when sweet little kids have to carry burdens that even we adults can't bare carrying.

hang in there grandma!

Ky said...

{{{{{Tiff}}}}} Prayers definitely sent UP. I'm glad that you are able to have him evaluated. Hopefully some type of diagnosis will bring you much peace and closure. There is nothing worse than not knowing how to help your sweet (grand)child.

Gail said...

Prayers are with you.

Dee said...

My prayers are definately with him and your family!

TRACY said...

I just read your post, but I will still be praying for your little John.

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