Wednesday, November 19, 2008

thank you

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that prayed for us today as we took John to the audiologist! So much support and wonderful comments from family, friends, and all of you that we've not yet had the chance to meet in person.
As we thought might happen, he wouldn't sit still for the doctor to even start to look in his ears, much less get any kind of hearing test! So after repeated attempts with no success, the doctor finally gave up and gave Nicole a referral to the hospital so that they can try again there and give him something to calm him down, if need be.

It's unfortunate that there was still a co-pay of $40.00 when nothing was actually done, but the doctor gave it his best, so I guess that counts. Anyway, thank you all again, your prayers are very much appreciated! check out his sly little stinker of a face, knowing he got out of it!

Wow, is it cold where y'all live? Cus it's quite a bit more than chilly here, holy bejeesus! I wasn't ready for this so soon, heck, I was just getting used to Fall and now BAM, here we go with snow flurries and heavy coats already. Can I please get a ride back home to Texas? lol

Oh, and good thing I didn't complain about my job today, cus I got a bonus!!! That's right, a BO-NUS!!! We NEVER get bonuses, but since it's our organization's 30th anniversary, the Board of Directors decided it was about time. Thank you Board of Directors, it couldn't have come at a better time, and so unexpected! You should have seen everyone's face at work, and while it wasn't a huge amount of money, it was enough to make us all happy to be there today! LOL
And then when I got home there was a letter from my World Vision sponsor child waiting for me. It's the first one I've gotten from her and I think I was just as excited about her letter as I was the bonus.
Hoping you are all having a wonderful week, make sure you take some time to do something special for yourself, you all deserve it!

1. Twenty minutes of devotion and prayer, first thing in the morning before anything else. I got part of my devotional done but had to leave before I could finish this morning. I did spend some time in prayer though, even if it was in my car on the way to work...
2. At least 30 minutes of physical movement each and every day, whether it be walking or playing the Wii! As long as I’m up off of my duff! Not tonight, I was pretty busy, and didn't get back home till just a little while ago and to be honest, now I'm just too tired and lazy...
3. Fast food only ONCE a week for the next 30 days, no exceptions, period! No fast food today! Cereal for breakfast, lunch at home after John's appointment, and then dinner at our favorite restaurant this evening.
4. No complaining about work, whether it’s at work or at home. Did really well with this today except for one thing I started to complain about and then caught myself. I guess that's the most important thing is to try and stay aware of what I'm saying at all times and change the direction of the conversation if it starts to turn negative.
5. Spend one hour each day doing something for someone else, whether it be crafting gifts, writing letters, etc… All done! Spent some time taking my daughter to her school to make a payment as well as going with her to the appointment this morning to lend support if needed.

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Growin' with it! said...

little wiggle worms...gotta love 'em. poor guy. hope next time works out. and congrats on the bonus...can i get a job application?

Gail said...

Wow, what a day! I could use a bonus. And the letter was the icing.

whitey said...

Good luck to John, so that he can get the help he needs. Having my own kids that are ADHD and trying to get them the help they needed was tuff but that was years ago hopefully the system has improved.

Country Girl said...

I am so glad for you!

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